Postpartum, I had a lot of weight to lose. So I started following the current fad diet, and working out 7 days a week. I got leaner than I had ever been and loved it.

Problem was, I was burned out from the restrictive nature of the low fat diet I’d been following, and went back to how I was eating previously… which led me to quickly regaining the weight. 

As a busy mom with a full time job, fitting in fitness was harder than ever.

Over the course of the next few years, I had four more kids, and tried every fad diet known to man in the time between pregnancies… weight watchers, paleo, low carb, the abs diet, etc.



After my fifth child was born, I found myself once again needing to lose a large amount of weight.

After a year of trying, I still hadn’t lost one. single. pound. 

That’s when I discovered “tracking macros”, which immediately started working for me. This led to a fascination with the science behind why this was working - I finally didn’t have to guess anymore, I knew exactly what to do. 

At the same time, I learned the I need to lift challenging weights to really change the shape of my physique like I’d always wanted. 

I joined a gym that had childcare, and fell in love with the process of weight training, and the way it was changing my body. After months of this, I realized that my calling was to help take other women on the same journey that I’d been on. 

Taking on a new career at age 40 was intimidating, but I simply started by helping women for free - giving out training programs and nutrition plans, and training clients in my garage gym. 

Things really started to click after hiring my own coaches, working with more clients, and seeing the large scale I could impact other women’s lives on. (I also loved the fact that I could do all of this from home and still be with my kids, so I didn’t have to choose between the two things I loved so much.)

I spent years guessing and doing all the wrong things... trying every diet out there and still not seeing the changes I wanted.

And now, in my mid-40's, I'm in the best shape of my life.

I love this process so much, and know my purpose is to help women get unstuck and finally reach their true potential. I know that if I can do it in my 40's with five kids, then you can too. 


We tailor our science-based, human-centered system to every person that’s in front of us. We listen first and then design.


Nutrition is a collaboration and is based on what you like to eat, when you like to eat, and how you like to eat. We take that knowledge, and then we tailor the perfect plan that gets you to your goal. And teach you how and why it works.


Your training should be backed by science and proven by experience. But it shouldn’t be bland or dogmatic. We don’t believe in “best” movements or rep and set schemes. We know that the best program is tailored to your unique goals, volume needs, and biomechanics.


The job of the coach is to get you to where they want to go. Our aim as coaches is to always over-deliver through education, attention to detail and build a genuine relationship with you. We don’t just prescribe, we teach the reason behind the movements and protocols we  prescribe for you.


Ever heard the saying “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing?” It’s 100% true when it comes to changing your physique. Daily accountability and tracking for your macros, movement, sleep, recovery scores, body measurements, progress pictures, and much more ensure you progress and GET RESULTS!