*The content of this blog is assuming that you’ve read “How to get rid of flabby arms”. If your arms are too “skinny”, this is the blog for you. If your arms are “flabby” go read “How to get rid of flabby arms.”

Are your arms just kinda shapeless?

If so, you’re probably asking: How do I get my arms more toned?

Well first, let’s define “arms”.

Usually, when women say they want more toned/defined arms, they’re not talking about wanting jacked biceps or strong triceps.

They’re saying they want that cut out right below the shoulder. The little divot that clearly defines the separation of your shoulder and your arm (think Jennifer Aniston in Friends).

This doesn’t come from building the arm muscles (biceps & triceps). It’s from building the shoulders. And right now your shoulders are more Season 2 Chandler than Rachel.

I train lots of women. We do TONS of shoulder work, and very little direct arm work. They’re all incredibly happy with how their “arms” look though.

So, let’s dive into how to train the shoulder.

The shoulder has three main muscle groups:

  1. Anterior “front” deltoid (front of your shoulder)

  2. Medial deltoid (side of your shoulder)

  3. Posterior “rear” deltoid (back of your shoulder)

You need to train all three “delts” to build sexy, defined shoulders.

The front delt get a lot of work during your day to day life. Don’t need to focus on this much.

To really get the “cut out” you’re looking for, you need to place extra emphasis on the rear and medial delts. The rear delt especially gets neglected. This leads to slouched posture and shoulder pain, and keeps your shoulders from ever looking amazing.


Pressing movements train mostly the front and medial delts. You get the most out of movements like these.

Choose one:

  • Barbell & dumbbell overhead presses (seated and standing)

  • Dumbbell & barbell push presses

  • Arnold Presses

Include one of these movements, 3x/week.

Train ‘em in moderate rep ranges. 8-15 reps. 3 sets. Focus on getting STRONG at these movements.

Accessory movements are great for isolating a specific delt, after you’ve done one of the pressing movements from above.

Choose one:

  • Dumbbell lateral raise

  • Cable lateral raise

  • Band lateral raise

  • Dumbbell upright rows

These work the medial delt. Train these in higher rep ranges. 12-20 reps. 2-4 sets. 2-3x/week. Focus on doing the movement slowly, really feeling the muscle work.

Choose one:

  • Face pulls

  • Band pull aparts

  • Dumbbell lying rear delt fly

  • Bent over rear delt fly

  • Cable rear delt fly

These work the rear delt. Train these in higher rep ranges. 12-20 reps. 2-4 sets. 2-3x/week.

Focus on doing the movement slowly, really feeling the muscle work.

These will take some time to feel, don’t get frustrated. Watch this video.


“How you doin’? ;)” Arms Program

*The focus of this program is on building toned arms, but it covers your entire body. Stick with the exercises listed. Rest is important. Force yourself to rest 1-2 minutes between all sets.

Day 1 (Monday):

Barbell squat 3x8-12

Barbell hip thrust 3x10-15

Dumbbell row 3x8-12/side

Dumbbell standing overhead press 3x8-12

Dumbbell rear delt fly 3x15-20


Barbell curl 2x12-15

Bench dip: 2x12-15

Reverse crunch 3x10

Day 2 (Wednesday):

Sumo deadlift 3x6-10

Dumbbell Walking lunge 2x10/leg

Negative chin-ups 3x4

Seated Arnold press 3x8-12


Dumbbell lateral raise 3x15-20

Face pull 3x15-20

Ab wheel: 2x10

Day 3 (Friday):

Bulgarian split squat 3x8-12/leg

Romanian deadlift 3x12-15

T-bar row 3x8-12

Barbell standing overhead press 3x8-12

Band lateral raise 2x20

Band pull apart 2x20-25


Dumbbell curl 2x12-15

Skull crusher 2x12-15

Hanging knee raise 3x6-10


Follow this program for four weeks. Your shoulders will look better than they ever have.

If your shoulders aren’t changing, it’s due to your diet.

Skinny arms and can’t build muscle? You’re probably not eating enough.

Read this.

Don’t let the title scare you off. You won’t get “bulky”. Eating more will allow you to build more muscle, making you look more defined, and LEANER.


Don’t spend your life as Ms. Chanandler Bong.

Follow this program.

Your arms will look amazing.



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