The Body Composition Change Blueprint


If you’ve failed to achieve or maintain the lean, strong body composition you want, it’s because you’re missing a proven system.

One of the biggest things that's helped so many of my online clients get crazy results, is the fact that every online client is indoctrinated into a proven process & systems that I’ve spent years refining. 

Today's blog teaches you how to make my systems for helping clients lose fat & build lean muscle your own, and finally achieve your leanest, strongest, most confident self.

So if you’re ready to achieve better results for yourself or your clients, you’ll take tons of value from this blog.

Ready to learn my system?

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Educate

[Most new clients have tried and failed to achieve or maintain the body composition they want over and over before starting with us. This is crazy disempowering - it makes clients feel like they have no power over their bodies, or their lives to an extent. Education is the first step in empowering clients to take back control.]

Education 100% lays the foundation for my online clients success.

My goal with online coaching is always to empower you as a client with the knowledge you need to be successful with in the future without me

I want to be the last coach you ever have to hire.

So, the process of helping online clients achieve life-changing results starts with educating you before we’ve ever even talked. It starts with you consuming my content.

See, everything I put out is geared to teach you as much as possible about my coaching philosophies, nutrition strategies, and training methods.

By the time you’ve consumed months worth of my educational content and applied for online coaching with me, you’re very much “groomed” to be a successful online client. You have a solid foundational understanding of effective training, nutrition, and mindset principles, and a have developed an understanding of the expectations I put on you as a client.

This process is literally happening right now. If you’re reading this, you’re very likely someone that’s considering working with me, or already is. By the end of this blog, you’ll have a more clear understanding of the "why" behind my coaching method… which brings me to the point of why education is so important:

When clients understand "why" they’re doing something (how it ties into you achieving the results you want), adherence increases dramatically. Coaches that don’t focus on education will always struggle with client adherence.

So while this is the first step of the system, realize that constant education is my primary focus throughout the entire time you're coaching with me. Constantly focusing on education is a major key to client success - it makes my job easier as a coach, and helps you achieve better results as a client.

Our constant email conversations, daily social media posts, the three podcasts that release per week, and even my emails to my list... they're all geared towards empowering you with more knowledge.

Step 2: Connection

[Nothing is more frustrating for clients than another generic plan they know they won't be able to stick to. This is how we learn about the client's unique struggles, and create a plan that's truly transformative, and different from everything else they've tried.]

Many coaches and diet programs have nutrition methods and templated training programs that should work in theory, but still fail over and overdue to one missing piece… CONNECTION WITH THE CLIENT.

See, the reality is, information on training and nutrition is abundant. In 5 minutes on Google, you could have a training program and macros.

You've probably Googled what you macros should be multiple times, right?

As a coach, I’m not in the business of “selling information”, because that’s not what people are missing.

You’re missing a coach that’s actually willing to hop on a 60 minute call with you, talk through every detail of your lifestyle, your past nutrition struggles, what is and isn’t sustainable for you long-term, and then create program tailor-made to your specific goals and needs.

Information is worthless without coaching through the process of application to your specific circumstances.

So a huge part of my coaching service & online clients success, is truly just taking the time to get to know you, your personality type, what you’ve struggled with in the past, and what really drives you - I straight up just spend much more time connecting with you.

From here, I can create a program truly tailored to you. Which is something rare in the nutrition coaching space.

This means:

—> A very thorough initial call like we talked about above.

—> A follow up initial questionnaire, that goes through everything that makes you unique and needs to be taken into consideration with a fine tooth comb, just to be sure there's nothing we missed.

—> A nutrition assessment that's actually based off of what you've been eating (I literally filter through your food diary), instead of just plugging your height, weight, and activity level into an online calculator, and giving you whatever generic number it spits out.

—> A movement screen, where I assess how you move. This allows me to recognize any muscular imbalances, mobility issues, or lagging muscle groups, and address them in your customized training program.

Sounds a bit different than the approach most coaches take, right?

Step 3: Buy-In

[Picture how it feel grabbing one of your Dad's old ass, baggy suits out of the closet and trying it on. Now, imagine going to London's finest tailor, and having them custom fit you. Think about the confidence and excitement you'd have in that suit. Step 3 is how we give clients that same excitement and confidence in their coaching prescription.]

As a reader of my blog, you understand that my clients don't get results because I have “the secret fat loss macros” or a special style of periodization that no one else has stumbled across before, right?

My online clients get great results because they’re following smart, customized plans, and are very bought in to the process.

See, a huge part of getting client adherence is getting clients excited about the process. 

Details are super important here. 

Personally, I like to shoot new online clients a screen recording, where I talk them through the thought process behind their training program, their nutrition prescription, their accountability tracker, and literally laying out the plan for the next 6 months week by week.

When clients see the amount of individualization and thought that goes into creating their plan, as well as the path over the next 6 months that will help them achieve the lean, strong bodies and confidence they’ve always wanted, they’re extremely bought in to the process.

Thus, adherence is great —> leads to great results —> leads to more buy-in —> more results. 

It becomes a positive cycle of success, if you as a coach are willing to go the extra mile to create a truly individualized training & nutrition protocol like I do for my online clients.

Step 4: Proven Methods For Results

[Do you as a coach feel terrified that your clients will realize you're just "throwing shit at the wall, and hoping something sticks" when it comes to their training and nutrition? Do you as a client fear that this is what your coach is doing with your investment? Step 4 is the proven solution that allows clients & coaches alike to feel supremely confident in the plan.]

Another mistake that coaches make all too often, is simply programming workouts/cardio that feel hard, or random nutrition strategies they read about online or on Instagram infographics.

Just like achieving success anywhere else in life, amazing body composition results are never achieved by doing things at random.

This is exactly why our clients take a very systematic approach with their training and nutrition. I’ve spent years refining my systems and methods to allow tons of room for customization and meeting the client where they’re at, while also creating a proven framework to systematically move you closer to the body and confidence you want every week.

For your nutrition, I’ve developed the 3P Fat Loss Method:

Check out the entire blog I wrote on this method HERE, or just listen to the podcast breakdown:

The beauty of this system is, it allows us to take a plethora of different approaches as far as macro composition of the diet, calorie cycling, tracking method, etc. - but still ensures you systematically ticks all the boxes you need to be successful on your own, and allows me to truly be the last coach you ever need.

Dope, right?

For both nutrition and training, we can very much apply the thinking “methods are many, principles are few” - meaning that while customization is crazy important to your success as a client, there are always a few principle boxes we need to tick to ensure your success as a client.

Similarly to nutrition, I’ve already released a huge amount of information on my systems for programming. Check it out:

Step 5: Systems For Tracking & Accountability

[You know how many times you'll invest in a program, stoked about your potential and the leaner, stronger, more confident person you're about to create... only to NOT follow through, and end up more disappointed than ever in yourself? Step 5 is how we prevent that from happening within online coaching.]

Now, after reading the above, you’re probably hyped up to go create your own training program & nutrition prescription, or refine your content to provide more education for your clients, right?

Well hold on to your pantalones my friend, because we’re not done yet. 

This next part is super important.

You (or your clients) don’t just need a training program and nutrition prescription…

You need systems to hold you accountable, and collect all the data necessary to gauge your progress.

Ever heard the saying “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing?” 

That’s super true when it comes to coaching (and ANOTHER big mistake coaches make). One thing my online coaching service does differently, is collecting lots of data with things like:

—> Weekly check-ins

—> Constant email communication throughout the week

—> Daily training logs to gauge your performance

—> The accountability tracker

Now, I’ve already talked about this in great depth in the video below…

But again, a huge mistake many online coaches make is just hoping their online clients are getting results, without tracking the data to know for sure. 

When your clients aren't getting results, there’s no data to look at to gauge where the issue lies, nor is there a clear system in place on how to make adjustments (we’ll talk through this below). So clients are essentially left floundering, and told to "just try harder"… in my opinion, this style of coaching is why so many people are under the false impression that online coaching doesn’t work. 

The reality is, most coaches are just missing the necessary systems to truly help their clients. As you can see from my client results HERE, it ABSOLUTELY WORKS with the proper systems.

The beauty of the tracker is, it shows us exactly how much progress you’re making, and if you’re not progressing at the rate we want, it shows us where the issue lies, so we can make the exact adjustment needed.

Do you want to become the leanest, strongest, most confident version of yourself? Then you need to first have smart systems in place.

Step 6: Systems For Making Adjustments

[You know how it seems like a nutrition protocol or training program works for your clients for a bit... only to stop working, and leads them to conclude "nothing works for me"? This is how we solve that.]

So you’ve probably gathered that systems are a big part of online client's success, right?

And just like above, not only do we need systems for tracking data, we need systems and methods for making adjustments.

As you might have guessed, I’ve already created an in-depth guide to each of these systems.

—> Check out the blog on adjusting nutrition

Step 7: Exit Strategy

[You know how many times you'll follow a training program or diet program and achieve great results, only to see them slip away as soon as the program is over? Coach or client, no doubt you've experienced this frustration. Step 7 is where we solve that problem, and give you complete confidence you can maintain your results long-term, on your own.]

Ready for a surprise?

My goal as a coach isn't to keep you around as a client forever. 

Weird right?

But let me tell you a story that’ll help this make more sense…

Years ago, as an in-person trainer, I saw a strong trend in my clients that really bothered me.

My clients only got results when they were working with me AND were feeling extremely motivated. 

When we stopped working together OR a client would lose motivation (motivation is a very fickle thing, so this happens to all of us), they would fall of the wagon, and end up right back where they started.

I quickly realized I wasn’t actually helping people, I was just taking their money for a few months, and leaving them no better than when they started.

This bothered the shit out of me... I felt like a con man.

So I took a deep dive into figuring out what was missing from my coaching service. Can you guess what it was?

If you guessed “lack of education”, you’re 100% right.

Since then, I’ve gone above and beyond to teach online clients everything they need to know to be successful on their own without me.

Now, do some online clients stick around for years? 

Absolutely. But others start coaching, achieve the result they want, and then are ready to go off and maintain on their own - which brings us to the exit strategy.

Here, I lay out the roadmap for what you need to do in the future to be successful without me, and make sure you feel supremely confident in your ability to do this on your own.

Giving online clients an exit strategy so they can leave sooner isn’t something that’s common in the industry. But selfishly, it’s something I have to do to know that I’ve done an amazing job as your coach, and it truly sets you up for success without me.

And that is how we help clients achieve their leanest, strongest, most confident selves through coaching.

From here, you have two choices:

#1: Click here now to apply for an online coaching strategy call with me.

—> We'll hop on a call, work through your specific goals and roadblocks, and figure out the best strategy for you.

—> Let me do all of this planning, programming, and periodization for you, in an expert manner that educates you along the way.

—> Arrive at the best version of yourself quicker.

#2: Keep going at it on your own, like you have been.

—> Work your way back through this blog. Read all the linked blogs, watch the videos, and get things set up on your own.

—> Use the information provided here & in the linked blogs to make adjustments along the way to ensure you eventually reach your body composition goal.

—> Keep absorbing my content and educating yourself. No matter which route you choose, education Is key!

About The Author

Jeremiah Bair is a certified nutrition coach, strength coach, and owner of the online coaching business Bairfit. Check out his Podcast and Instagram for more educational content.

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