Is It Worth the

Money to Hire a Personal Trainer?


As a personal trainer, the number one objection I get is price.

And I get it.

Personal trainers get a bad rap, and often for good reason. Most are undereducated, unmotivated, and underpaid. Many trainers are simply people who worked out a bit, achieved decent results, and got an online certification. They haven’t learned anything new since. Now they waste their clients’ time running them through a random string of exercises they saw on Instagram

The key is finding a GOOD trainer. Not usually easy. (It is for you! Check this out)

That being said, finding a talented trainer can be absolutely LIFE CHANGING.


I’ve seen clients go through some incredible transformations. Every single time, the thing that stands out to me isn’t the clients dramatically changed physique, so much as their emotional growth.

In the 21st century, appearance is everything. We tie the entirety of our self-worth to how we look. Watching your body drastically change for the better can have an incredible impact on your confidence. It’s so amazing to see a client who USED TO BE overweight and insecure, NOW living a much happier life as a strong, confident, and driven individual.

A good trainer has high emotional intelligence, and is capable of walking you through the mental side of a transformation; helping you build healthy relationships with diet, exercise, and self-image. All too often people we see as “fit” have even worse relationships with body image/self-esteem, food, and exercise than extremely overweight individuals. Are these people really any better off being “fit”, but hating themselves? A good trainer grooms you physically AND mentally.

Mentally and Physically:

No matter your current level of fitness expertise, finding a GOOD trainer is always going to streamline the process of reaching your goals.

Everything from proper form to proper nutrition is covered. You could know absolutely EVERYTHING about fitness, and still get huge benefits from the ACCOUNTABILITY a good trainer provides. Having a talented trainer in your corner will ALWAYS take things to the next level. Most of the most brilliant fitness minds I know still have their own personal coach. Everyone can benefit from more accountability and an outside perspective.

You should ABSOLUTELY invest in YOURSELF by hiring a trainer IF:

YOU HAVE MEDICAL BILLS DUE TO POOR HEALTH: Save yourself some money in the long-term by investing in a good trainer (if you’re cleared for exercise). Talented trainers have a great knowledge of CORRECTIVE EXERCISE, and can fix many of your aches and pains. That chronic back pain your doctor couldn’t help you with other than “Ibuprofen/don’t lift heavy things”? A good trainer can probably fix that.

I’m always amazed by people who will spend thousands on cortisone shots and medical procedures due to their awful health, but are unwilling to spend a few hundred a month on a trainer who will add YEARS to their lives, alleviate their aches and pains, and keep them out of the hospital.

Compare & Contrast:

Spend a few thousand dollars now to work with a good trainer. You get a long, healthy, happy life with your friends and family. You never have to miss activities or events due to physical ailments.


Spend MANY MORE THOUSANDS of dollars on: surgeries and trips to the hospital. You also suffer from chronic aches and pains, and eventually miss out on YEARS of life with friends and family, due to dying earlier than you needed to.

Is it really even a question?

YOU’RE SPENDING MONEY ON SUPPLEMENTS: Stop. Take whatever you’re spending on supplements and invest it in a coach. Most supplements don’t give NEAR what they promise (a topic for a later blog). The results you’re looking for aren’t in ANY supplement. Results come from proper programming, nutrition, and consistency. A good trainer can give you all these.

YOU’RE SPENDING MONEY ON FAST FOOD: Want to get healthier, but still constantly find yourself eating out? Take that money and invest in a trainer. Think of it as forcing your hand. You’re swapping out one unhealthy habit (poor nutrition), for two healthy habits (more/better exercise, better nutrition). You can’t lose!

Hiring a talented trainer can improve your life in so many aspects. I highly recommend it.

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