Want a great body? I have two options for ya:


*Go to the gym four to five times per week.

*Start counting your calories.

*Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

*Track your weights, focus on increasing ‘em over time.

*Do the same movements a lot.

*Manage stress.

*Accept that getting the body you want is going to be hard. It’s going to take hard work.

*Repeat this. Over and over again. Be extremely consistent, and you’ll look good a few years from now.



Take this supplement. It’s guaranteed to get you six pack abs in two weeks!

Obviously choose B right?

This is the issue with the fitness industry.

The truth to building a good body: consistency and hard work, compounded over years. It’s not complicated.

It’s also not at all sexy. It’s intangible. Selling someone the idea of what they’ll look like a few years down the road. Hard to do.

Quick fixes. They’re sexy. Easy to sell.

“Lose 15 lbs in ONE WEEK with our juice cleanse”.

Anybody that’s actually lost 15 lbs knows it takes a lot of work. And time.

But you’re telling me this cleanse will somehow allow me to bypass all that work. And only a week?

Sold. Easy money.

The key to the body you want: lots of hard work. Nobody wants to hear that. Or buy that.

It’s easier to believe that the missing piece of the puzzle is some special workout program, supplement, or diet.

It’s easier to believe that this workout, diet, etc. contains the magic elixir you’ve been looking for. The one that allows you to skip all the work and get right to the results. It’s a quick fix.

Quick fixes are easy to market. And easy to sell.

Hence the fitness industry being flooded with quick fixes. Workouts, supplements, diets, cleanses, etc. promising less work, more results, quick. This is where the money is, because this is what people want to hear.

Problem is, there are no quick fixes in fitness. It takes a long time to build a great body.

Everything being sold as an easy shortcut to get the body you want is a scam.

You can’t skip the work.

Lots of lies in the fitness industry. But luckily, there are lots of amazing people out there giving out incredible, informative content.

Some of my favorites:

And many, many more. There are tons of positive, honest voices in the fitness industry. The above list is a good place to start.

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